In recent years, members of Theta Lambda chapter have been active members in the Student Government Association, Inter-Fraternity Council,  Relay For Life, and many others.

  • Student Government Association:
    • Adam Coffman
      • Director of Research and Development
    • Brad White
      • Chief of Communications
    • Nick Duncan
      • Chief Financial Officer
    • Senate
      • Connor Aller, Bryan O’Toole, John Crooke, Anthony Nam, Blake Ewing, Drew Geer
  • Inter-Fraternity Council
    • Zane Clark
      • President
    • James Degrief
      • Director of Social Awareness
    • Francis Ahrens
      • Director of Marketing/Public Relations
    • Representatives
      • Connor Aller, Anthony Nam
    • Jared Bajkowski
      • President; 2013-2014
  • Relay For Life
    • Will Beshore, Drew Geer, Nick Duncan, Weston Thomas
  • University Ambassadors
    • Ricky Mehigh, Derek Melies, Andrew Schesser, Adam Simmons, Adam Coffman, Bryan O’Toole, Francis Ahrens, Noah Hendel
  • 2014 Homecoming Committee
    • Francis Ahrens
      • Royalty Chair
  • 2015 Greek Week Committee
    • Brandon Jenson
      • Greek Week Director
  • Hibernotes
    • Weston Thomas, Shaun McCaulla, Trenton Clarke, Stephen Surgener
  • Missouri State Improv
    • Connor Aller
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life for Social Awareness
    • Connor Aller
      • Director Of Diversity
    • Joe Re
  • Phi Eta Sigma
    • Zach Templeman
      • President

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